Aug 27 12 7:57 PM

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Hello folks. I'm going to take a moment of your time to expand on this minor mechanic.

Instead of the Zaishen Challenge system, Guild Wars 2 has achievements being tracked. Some of you probably already have seen these but here's the thing: these are very good rewards for not a lot of effort daily.

The Monthly Achievements are the ones which can possibly crush your soul. However, they're not bad either.

--- Daily Achievements ---

See this link: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Achievemen...ly_achievements

Daily Kills (60 Kills) can be earned easily by going to some early zone and going to town on a few dynamic events. This will also earn you a good start on your Daily Events (5 Events) set.

Daily Gathering (20 Times) just requires you to keep the tools on hand and use them. This won't take long if you are far afield and have all three tools.

Daily Kill Variety (15 Types) seems to track critters moving around like rabbits, wild moa . . . but you can handle this in every starting area if you know what to look for. If you're in need of help:

In Queensdale: Skale, Drakes, Bandits, Wurms, and Moas are close to the Shaemoor Village. go further west and you can catch Elementals and Harpies (if the event has activated). Far west at the orchards you can pick up Spiders and if you're strong enough you can try to snag Ettins as well. If you can take Ettins you can take Centaurs and pick up that one as well as Skritt easily enough. Wasps can be fought on the edge of the Queen's Forest, along with Boars. In the lake you can grab Fish (Barracudas). Cliff Bats are around the Eastern Divinity Dam and the cliffs there, adding another enemy type. That last one should be easy to find, depending on your tastes. This will also DEFINITELY get you through your Kill count, Variety count, and get you started on Events. Gathering will be probably well on its way if you hang around the fields of the village for Sickle-based gathering and hit up every Aspen Sapling you see (there's a lot). Copper Ore is pretty common inside the Bandithaunt Caverns.

--- Monthly Achievements ---

See here: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Achievemen...ly_achievements

You're gonna have a lot of leeway here with Monthly Achievements, because you have all month to get them at your leisure. The toughest could be the Survivor one, but isn't that always the case? Apparently these can cycle, so here's the current list.

- Monthly WvW Kills (50)
- Monthly Events (100)
- Monthly Salvage (500)
- Monthly Survivor (100,000)

--- What are the Rewards? ---

The only rewards I noticed was for the Daily Achivements. 3% of the Experience to your next level, some Karma and coin, but a Mystic Coin as well. Supposedly these are used in the Mystic Forge . . . on the other hand, they also sell for 1 Silver and 72 Copper each to merchants. Consider that if you are consistently running low on funds.

If anyone else has come across a good route or method for OTHER racial starting areas, please share I haven't spent enough time in any other than Queensdale and the Norn area.