Dec 14 11 12:18 AM

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How did you hear of New Horizon:
From Red. I also guest for the guild in GvG and HA (Vile Aurora/Classic Saiyan)

Why are you interested in New Horizon:
To play PvP at a fun level and make new friends

Why do you think you are a good fit for New Horizon:
I have alot of PvP experience and don't mind teaching people.

Why do you think New Horizon is a good fit for you:
I'm cool, your cool, match maker don't lie (I hope)

What do you expect from us:
To play GvG and for you all to improve.

What can we expect from you:
A body in GvG when I am not busy, a mentor, and a friend if you are a friend to me.

Have you read our Guild Rules and Conduct as well as the Alliance Guidelines:
Maybe, no, yes.

Tell us about yourself!
My time zone is west coast America. You have to earn the rest