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Apr 3 11 3:07 AM

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"Who is that Kroes guy?"

Well, he is me ofcourse!
So, I'm Kroes, wich is actually my last name in real life, but I use it as a last name for all my characters aswell so people can say "That's that Kroes guy!".
As I've read the thread on the age of people in this alliance I can tell you that I will be bringing the average age down. I'm 20 birthyears young, so I'm probobly classiefied as one of the younger people here. Young doesn't mean less fun, wich rhimes aswell. See? That was fun already. I live in Holland and my timezone is GMT+1, so please keep that in mind when playing!

I'm still a student, working a little on the side. I have a wide range of interests. I like to go out clubbing, or just to a movie. I like playing GW (duh), but also like some other games like Black Ops, wich you will find me playing accasionally.
I've been D'J'ing for a bit now. Since a friend introduced me, it was love on first sight. I'm not playing in clubs or anything yet, bit I spin almost everyday (you can ask my neighbors). I'm busy setting up a website for this aswell, with a friend. You will be able to listen live when I'm recording or download previous mixes etc.
Besides breathing computer dust, I also enjoy fresh air once in a while. Holland is one of the few countries that can experience 4 seasons in 1 day. Now with the summer in sight, the weather getting good, it's quite mind soothing. For sport I go running about twice a week (run for fun, I'm sure allot of oppinions will differ on that) and do Kickboxing about 4 times a week. In the passed I never really got into sports, I've tried a hundred but never lasted. When I started kickboxing I knew it was for me. Running and kickboxing also makes for an excellent combination. All I can think of as the "me" subject goes.

I got into the NH guild, and this wonderfull alliance through Guild Wars Guru. You know, the website. I was reading through the forums when I saw Ariena's signature, linking to a thread about bringing GvG back to life. So I thought, let's give the most timeless challenge a try.
I just got back from one of the so many breaks I've had from Guild Wars and was looking for something different. Everytime I came back to Guild Wars I played PvE for 1 or 2 months, and got bored again. I really was missing something.
I've had my account for over 5 years, so eventually certain things become boring.

I'll get to the reason why joining this guild and thereby, alliance in a moment but for now, read on.

One day, I was thinking, and then thinking some more. I was thinking, that there used to be a time, I never got bored from Guild Wars. Sure, PvE is fun, but after completing the campaigns, etc., etc., just farming and that stuff just becomes a waste of time. So back to the thinking part. When I was doing just that, I remembered, that in the time that I was greatly enjoying my time in Guild Wars, was when I was playing PvP. Every aspect of the competetive side of this game attracted me. I've had my own guild for about 3 years and a half. At first, it was foccused on PvE. I was still quite new to the game, struggling to get my Drok's armour, but the guild was great. Nice people and a tight community, just like here.
Eventually I got introduced to PvP, my friend started a alt guild for all the PvE players to go to, and I started fresh with my PvP guild. After things took off, I knew that this is all I wanted to do in Guild Wars from that day forth. The start was hard, because my guild concisted of only people who had little/no experience in GvG. Within no time, we were storming the ladder like there was no tomorrow. Using our own made builds to dominate the competition, we reached the last few steps of the ladder. For about 2 years we played untill like everything, it came to an end. Since then I'm the only one of the guild still playing.
I've been having a tough time finding a new place to call home, since I've had my own for so long.

So now to go on with why I was so interested in joining the very cause of bringing back GvG to life. Like mentioned before, I was thinking, and you already know what I eventually thought about. So I explained Ariena that I'm not a new to PvP, but I would love to be able to help and share my experience and knowledge about PvP, as not only would this be a fun change, but also a ticket for me to get back into GvG.
After contacting Ariena, and sitting trough what I believed was a CIA interrogation, I got recruited to join New Horizon and the MYTH Alliance. So far I have been having a great time, and can honestly say I feel this is the closest I've felt to a "home" since my own guild. So for that, I say thank you!

I hope nobody now will ask who that Kroes guy is anymore, because here you have it!
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Pony Legionnaire Ariena

AuraLin's Fearless Minion

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Apr 4 11 5:32 AM

Hooray for interrogation!

And you are indeed one of the younger members... but not by too much! I only just turned 21, although I am not sure how that translates across time zones?

There is more than one right way.
Those who choose their path without walking others walk blind.

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Fearless Pony Leader Sharei

AuraLin's Fearless Minion

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Apr 4 11 5:28 PM

Thanks for the great intro! I'm glad you are feeling at home, and am looking forward to adventuring into the world of GvG with you!
(I'm confident that translated across time zones, I'm much younger )


aka Alleshia, Adria, Last Rites, Nettle, Evita, Aria, Natasha and Takamura

There's more than one right way...

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AuraLin's Advanced Minion

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Apr 6 11 8:17 PM

Who are you again?

Welcome aboard, ya whipper-snapper! We won't discuss my age........

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Orion Kilimanjaro

AuraLin's Fearless Minion

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Apr 21 11 1:22 PM

Welcome Kroes!
Timezones, now that is a confusing subject!
Hope we get to adventure together sometime.

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[Ariena's Advanced Treasure Hunter]

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May 2 12 8:11 AM

Is Kroes still here? Im currently tryingt to contatc him ...

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