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Fearless Pony Herder Lin

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Jul 25 06 5:04 PM

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Guild Name: Legends of Lost Ascalon
Guild Abbreviation: MYTH
Guild Leader: Aura Lin
Other Contact Names: Dimitri Silentsoul, Sharei Riever
Web site/Forum Info:

Guild Statistics: MYTH has about 6 active members. They are pve-oriented, with some interest in light pvp. The age range is 29 - 62 years old, and currently all active members are based in the Eastern and Mountain Standard Time Zones in the U.S. This guild is willing to grow slowly in order to better develop strong bonds between all the guildmates, and the focus is on fun, helpful, active playing as opposed to politics or annoying others.

Interesting Facts: 1. Be forewarned: We are punny people!
2. Our members include a moderator on GWOnline, 3 elementary school teachers, a motorcycle-rider, a chemist, and a.....
3. The U.S. currently has the technology for zero-emissions electric cars with a range of 250+ miles and no need to stop at the gas station. However, the federal government is putting millions towards hydrogen-fuel research.

Aura Lin
[Tenacious Tree Tracker]
[Golden Wolf Medal with Pine Bough Cluster]
[Fearless Facilitator of Festivities]
[MYTH monk looking for a safe place to hide]
[Fearless Forum Fixer]
[Fearless Leader]

There's more than one right way...

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AuraLin's Really Cool Minion

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Jul 25 06 10:55 PM

Guild Name: Boston Guild
Guild Abbreviation: BG
Guild Leader: Hal Bred
Other Contact Names: Sir Thanos Regal, Little Forbes, Ellsbeth Walker
Web site/Forum Info:
Guild Statistics: Boston has been around since 2005. We are PvE-oriented, with interest in casual PvP. The age range is 15 and up and most reside in the Eastern and Central time zones, but we have members in the Mountain and Pacific as well. The guild is US-based with a nice mix of Canadian members as well. The guild values friendliness, maturity, and the desire to have fun playing (regardless of skill). We like helping others and try to foster a sense of community within the guild.

Interesting Facts: The Boston Guild was founded by former members of the Boston Freelancer Server. There's always a comedian to be found in any group. Age does not determine maturity.

Boston Guild Forever.....

[Wild Water Wader]

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will atreides

AuraLin's Really Cool Minion

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Aug 23 06 9:37 PM

Guild Name: Brotherhood of the Granite Wolf
Guild Abbreviation: BOGW
Guild Leader: Will Atreides
Officers: Dreaded Nightshade, Phoenix Raven, Orion Kilimanjaro
Web site/Forum Info: (currently relocating)

Guild Statistics: BOGW currently has a handful of active members, all with extensive game experience. We are primarily a PVE oriented group but have dabbled in GvG and AB. Currently our age group spans ~ twentysomething -fortysomething (the identity of the elder member is strictly TOP SECRET). BOGW's active membership is almost evenly split between Pacific and Eastern time zones which admittedly can be cumbersome but we've managed to stick together. We are also an International Guild with 1 token Canadian. BOGW's values can be found in the BOGW Creed listed on our website.

Interesting Facts:

- BOGW currently has in its roster; a software designer, a hockey playing high school teacher, and an ex military EOD technician among others.
- The officer core of BOGW has been together since Prophesies Release in spring of 2005 through several Guilds and political upheavals ... we have experienced just about everything that can go wrong in a Guild and have learned from those experiences and managed to stick together.

Guild Leader - The Brotherhood of the Granite Wolf [BOGW] proud members of the MYTH Alliance
[Spontaneously Superb Sous-chef]

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Star Munchkin

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Oct 2 08 12:51 AM

Guild Name: Misfits of the Oblivion
Guild Leader: Star Munchkin
Officers: Drek Meer, Rylor Knuce, Sordoc
Web site/Forum Info:

Guild Statistics: Misfits of the Oblivion has always believed in "quality over quantity." As a result, we place more value into friendship, loyalty and respect than the game's rewards. We are primarily a PVE guild aligned with the Kurzicks although we occasionally enjoy fighting Luxons in Alliance Battles.

Our age range begins in the early 30's and goes up from there. Let's just say our oldest member was in his own music band during the era of the Beatles (and still plays a guitar well to this day) Regular game time is in the evening with members split in the Pacific and Mountain Time Zones.

Interesting Facts:

The Misfits have had a unique list of experiences and professions. There is a former school teacher now working for the federal government, a construction foreman, a software engineer, and two former submariners. Members are related in one way or another: two members are brothers, we have a husband/wife team plus the guild leader and one of the officers have known each other for nearly 20 years.

We use an emote greeting to greet one another in the game: /wave /roar /salute

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Pony Legionnaire Ariena

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Nov 16 11 6:09 PM

Guild Name: New Horizon
Guild Abbreviation: NH
Guild Leader: Ariena Najea
Other Contact Names: Commander Eris D, Sharei Riever
Web site/Forum Info:

Guild Statistics: New Horizon was formed as the PvP arm of the MYTH Alliance, and currently has about four active members. We focus on competitive Guild versus Guild and Heroes' Ascent, although we additionally play these formats casually among PvE activities. You can read more about us in the NH section of this forum.

Interesting Facts: We are officially pony themed, but unofficially pirate themed!

There is more than one right way.
Those who choose their path without walking others walk blind.

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